A Home… For When They Can’t Stay Home

You’ve known this person all your life, a mom, dad, grandparent. They’ve taken care of you. You know and love all their little quirks, even as they age. Some days, they seem just fine, but other days, especially if they hurt themselves, wander off, or show signs of confusion, you worry about them. It is always hard to know when it is time to make a decision about where they should live, but our checklist (Common Questions) will help.

In traditional societies, people were able to take care of their aging loved ones, even when they began to deteriorate and even when they become a danger to themselves. In those societies, the extended family lived close and most of the time, one adult stayed home to care for family and home. There was always someone there close at hand for a serious situation.

Today, most of us don’t have that luxury. We need to work in order to pay for our basics. Furthermore, our loved one almost always has been living in a cherished home of his or her own. This is a reality that makes choosing aging care even more difficult. Most of us would rather just stay in our familiar settings, even when it’s clear that we cannot.

That is why we do what we do. Doctors TLC provides much more than a facility; it is a home. Take a look at our pictures and you will see what we mean. Our homes are clean, bright, well-cared-for, and staffed with knowledgeable and caring people who make our residents feel right at home. Our goal is for your loved one to have an easy move from one home to another, and for it to be a familiar, warm, friendly move.

We’ll be glad to meet you and show you around. You can see for yourself that this is more than just a house; it’s home.