Diabetes and Your Loved One

One of our clients, Darren, remembers when he realized his mother needed to move to assisted living, it was the day he discovered his diabetic mom wasn’t taking her meds and on top of that she had been snacking on an enormous stash of chocolates!

Just as she did every day, his mom assured him that she was staying on her medications and eating properly. Darren had decided to stick around that day and do some yardwork that had fallen behind; in fact, the city had sent a notice that the property was failing code and that the residents must clean it up within two weeks. His mom was in no shape to do it, so Darren stepped in.

During the day, he noticed that the bottle of metformin had not been moved; in fact, it was surrounded by a thick layer of dust. During a break, he retrieved the blood sugar kit and sat down by his mom to take her levels. She resisted the poke but eventually Darren got a reading: 198. He realized that his mom was in danger and quickly packed her into the car and took her to the doctor. Sure enough, Darren’s mom had not picked up her last few prescriptions for blood-sugar medication. The doctor recommended immediate daily use of insulin.

Darren knew that if his mother would not take her metformin, she would definitely not give herself periodic shots of insulin. When he and his mom got home, his “last straw” was finding a large bag of chocolates, half-gone, surrounded by candy papers, near the recliner in the living room. His worst fears were realized when he peered into his mom’s fridge and saw that she had little food in there, certainly not diabetic-friendly food.

The doctor had indicated that Darren’s mother could suffer certain complications if she didn’t take care of her diabetes. He gave Darren a list like this one. Darren realized that his mom may already be experiencing some of the problems, especially diabetic neuropathy, since she was always complaining about pain on the bottoms of her feet and eye trouble since her vision seemed to be getting worse and worse.

Like most people, Darren’s fulltime job (and his wife’s employment, too) made it impossible to provide his mom the type of care she needed. He decided to visit several facilities for housing the aging, but every visit made him feel depressed and unsure. He decided to seek another alternative.

Darren’s mom didn’t want to leave her home, but he foundan alternative to that: a real home, safe, warm, and secure, with the additional layer of security that a skilled staff can bring.

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