Common Questions



Take a moment to answer “yes” or “no” in order to determine if you or a loved one needs assisted living....


1. Have you or a loved one been neglecting personal care such as bathing, oral care, or toileting?

2. Have you or a loved one recently had a fall?

3. Do you or a loved one need help getting in/out of a chair or wheelchair?

4. Have you or a loved one been at risk when preforming common tasks including climbing stairs, getting around the house, or even driving?

5. Do you or a loved one shown any signs of cognitive impairment, confusion, lack of judgment, or short term memory loss?

6. Have you or a loved one been giving up their usual social interactions, spending more time in isolation, or seldom leaving the house?  

7. Do you or a loved one neglect vital household tasks such as bill paying, house cleaning, cooking, taking out the trash, or other such tasks?

8. Have you or a loved one wandered off or displayed unusual emotional states?

9. Have your or a loved one’s health-care needs changed significantly?


If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the questions above, it may be time to consider assisted living. May times, families wait until it is too late and a tragic situation such as fall resulting in a broken bone has transpired. Taking the time now to evaluate the situation could mean the safety of the one in question and an overall better quality of life for them.