We cannot think of anything harder than facing the reality of your loved needing care for Alzheimers, Dementia, or other life altering conditions.

It will help you to know that you are not alone. Many of us have gone through similar situations and this is why we have complied a list of resources just for you! Keep checking back as we add helpful informative links.


National Institute of Aging

This link will help you understand how to care for yourself and understand the feelings and stresses that go along with caring for your loved one. Highly recommended.


The U.S. Alzheimer’s Website

This site will help you find just about everything you may need to know about Alzheimer’s. Very helpful.


Ted Talks on Alzheimer’s

A personal favorite, Ted talks are just plain amazing, giving inspiration, encouragement and help.


The Alzheimer’s Family Center

Excellent resources, especially the readable, encouraging ebooks.


Mesothelioma Education and Resources

80% of individuals suffering from mesothelioma are seniors. This website provides helpful information for victims and their families.


And remember we are always available at to answer questions or help with placement in assisted living.